If you want a proven method that can help you increase your sales, profits, expansion and growth, then you should seriously consider franchising.

With franchising you can:
  • penetrate the market faster, with minimal risk and capital.
  • reduce the need and difficulties of recruiting, training, compensating and retaining a large competent staff to operate company-owned outlets.
  • realize cost savings through bulk purchasing power and mass distribution as the franchise system expands.
  • generate more dollars for better and increased national and local advertising.
  • obtain, through royalties, a continuing source of capital that can far exceed what could be raised from traditional financing sources.
  • realize the advantages that come from highly motivated franchisees.
  • own a growth vehicle that becomes "self-liquidating" when relatively few franchises are established.
  • increase the stature and prestige of your company through growth.
  • achieve all the benefits without straining the company's capital or taxing the effectiveness of your management team.