FDI's seminars have been conducted successfully for the International Franchise Association (IFA) and other organizations. Participants found the information invaluable and reported that the skills and the system learned could be immediately applied back home. Read what participants have said about the value of this workshop.

"Information packed! 100% nuts and bolts and 0% fluff. This was the best seminar I have ever attended — and pleasurable, too."
Andreas R. Vassilos, President, BRITE SITE

"The two days spent in this seminar whizzed by because of the excellent information and instruction. This seminar was one of the most useful and interesting I have ever attended."
Brian Luborsky, President and CEO of MAGICUTS, INC.

"Excellent instructor at seminar. Well worth the time and money spent! Thanks very much for one of the best training sessions I have ever attended."
Pete Hennings, Operations, SWENSON'S ICE CREAM

"The operations manual seminar was one of the most worthwhile and informative seminars I have ever attended. Bravo — real take-home value!"

"You'll get your money's worth in the first two hours but stay for the whole two days! It's worth every minute!"
David Oswald, Vice President, INTSY PRINTS, INC.


"It gives me great pleasure to recommend and praise the outstanding franchise help provided to our firm by Franchise Developments, Inc.; the excellent staff created all of our sales and marketing materials… they created six readable, comprehensive policy, operations, and advertising manuals that are actually being read by our franchisees. We highly recommend Franchise Developments, Inc."
Carl E. Larson, Sr. Vice President, GENERAL NUTRITION CENTERS, INC.

"I'm pleased to recommend Franchise Developments, Inc.; the professional staff met our deadlines on time with an excellent customer sales brochure, an outstanding operations manuals, and an effective franchise agreement and disclosure document. FDI worked with us step-by-step, leading us skillfully, professionally, and caringly. I would highly recommend this firm. We were and continue to be more than satisfied clients because FDI 'goes the extra mile' to make sure our needs are met."
Steven Bucholz, President, SUPER SUBWAY

"The manuals that they (Franchise Developments) developed for us have provided us with the foundation stones of our franchising program. They presented our system in a clear and comprehensive format that is easy to understand."
Kevin King, Vice President of Franchising, DONATO'S PIZZA

"Very good tool for training franchisees to our system. They took ideas I had formulated over many years and translated them into an operations manual that is simple, easy-to-understand, and effective. We use it as a tool for our training program. It's done the trick… now franchisees find it very easy to use and understand."
Michael Rosenberg, Executive Vice President and Director of Training and Operations, CANDY EXPRESS FRANCHISING, INC.

"We highly recommend Franchise Developments, Inc., who created, developed, and wrote all six (6) of our franchise manuals. The team accurately and skillfully documented processes that had never been written before. They organized our information into clear, readable, and logical tabs, sections, and subjects using their excellent, unique system. FDI's team was professional, precise, and met, on-target, all deadlines. We are pleased with the quality and professionalism of our manuals — great sales tools for prospective franchisees!" Rich Brookman, President, UNION CARBIDE, Marble Care

"Ken Franklin, President of Franchise Developments, Inc., and his staff have helped us launch a successful franchise. Therefore, I would recommend them highly. From carefully structured legal documents, excellent sales and marketing materials, and exceptional operations manuals, FDI provided us with superior materials and help."
Cliff Zlotnik, President, RESTORX, INC.

"We're positive that we have the best operations manual in the business. Thank you Franchise Developments."
Ron Sofranko, President, RED RIVER BAR-B-QUE