First-Phase Franchisability Assessment

Here are some of the basic questions you need to answer if you are thinking about expansion and franchising. Please check the appropriate response, complete the information at the bottom of the sheet, and press "Submit".

Is your business profitable?
Is there something distinctive or unique about your business?
Have you had a successful pilot operation open for a period of time?
Do you have adequate financial resources to fund your expansion?
Will your concept be successful in other markets?
Do you want substantial control over your expansion?
Can your business be easily taught to others?
Can your business be standardized?
Is your trademark or service mark capable of being federally registered?
Will a franchisee obtain an adequate return on his/her investment?
Are you prepared to support your franchisees?
Do you have sufficient management staff?
Are you prepared to enforce standards?
Will the projected fees and royalties that your business will receive from franchising offer a significant profit?
Are you willing to learn the methods and techniques used in franchising?

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