FDI Brochure
A booklet which discusses franchising and our full service franchise development package.

Your Operations Manual
A six-page article that discusses how to write an effective franchise operations manual that franchisees will actually read and use.

Franchising Your Business
A book, "Franchising Your Business" by Kenneth Franklin and Lewis Rudnick, to help you understand the fundamentals of becoming a franchisor. This publication is available on-line at the IFA.


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The History of Franchising
Facts and Figures of Franchising
Why Does Franchising Succeed?
Minorities as Franchisees
The Investor as Franchisee
Franchising and the Entrepreneurial Trend
The Evolution in Trademark Law
Franchising and Trademark Rights
Franchising: A Proven Strategy for Winning
Before You Franchise
We Need Your Input!
International Franchising
What's Hot in Franchising!
Individual and Area Franchises
Affiliation Franchises
Women Franchisees
Selecting the Right Franchisees Through Psychological Testing
Achieving Excellence in Your Franchise Business
Maintaining Excellence Within Your Firm
Maintaining Excellence Part 2
Maintaining Excellence Part 3
Maintaining Excellence Part 4
Maintaining Excellence Part 5