Below is a brief description of our executive team of experienced, skillful people who are committed to creating a successful franchise program for you.

Kenneth Franklin, President.
A certified management consultant, Ken founded FRANCHISE DEVELOPMENTS, INC., the oldest major franchise consulting firm in the U.S., in order to help start-up franchisors plan and develop their franchise program and established franchisors and licensees to further sophisticate and improve their existing programs. An experienced executive and acknowledged authority in franchising, he had previously founded and developed ARBY'S, one of the top 15 franchise companies in the world. He was also the owner of a chain of 26 franchised retail stores.

With over 30 years of experience in franchising, Ken frequently conducts seminars on franchising for the American Management Association, Small Business Administration, Institute for International Research, Management Centre Europe, the International Franchise Association, and the International Franchise Expo. In addition to conducting seminars, Ken has participated in many panel discussions for associations such as the following: International Franchise Association, Boston College Study of Franchise Distribution, American Bar Association Forum on Franchising, and Foreign Franchise Associations. He is a member of the Association of Management Consultants and the Institute of Management Consultants and serves as an arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association panel on franchising. He is frequently used as an expert witness in franchise litigation cases. Ken has also served on several franchise companies' Board of Directors.

Ken creates your franchising structure, relationship, and operational approach, and builds the necessary support programs needed by your franchisees. He is the person with whom you will be working on a day-to-day basis as he helps you formulate your franchising policies and procedures and develop your franchise program. Ken received his BS in Business Administration and an MBA from Syracuse University and was an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at the Graduate School of Industrial Administration, Carnegie Mellon University. He has co-authored a book entitled Franchising Your Business. In addition, he has been a resource for franchising information and has been quoted in many publications such as The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Nation's Business, and Inc.

James S. Alter, Attorney.
Jim defines your contractual needs, constructs franchise agreements, develops the disclosure documents, handles the registration and filing with the various states, identifies other legal concerns and creates legal forms and protective devices. He has dealt extensively with state regulatory authorities. Jim received a BS in Accounting and a Master of Public Administration and an LLB from the University of Pittsburgh.
I. David Caplan, Director of Marketing.
Irv prepares your marketing plans and advertising approaches to obtain franchisees. These include recruitment ads, a franchise marketing brochure, videotapes, and publicity programs. Irv is also responsible for all of your graphic designs, your grand opening and ongoing advertising programs required by your franchisees. Irv received his BS in Business Administration from Geneva College and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.

Dr. Harriet L. Franklin, Director of Communications.
Harriet and her team develop your operations manuals with a unique system so that they are effective and readable. Once the manual(s) have been created, Harriet and her team determine your training needs, create a training outline, and design and develop the necessary training programs and materials that are unique to your franchise.

Harriet has also created and conducted approximately 25 skills-based training programs for franchisors, franchisees, and staff. For example, to help field supervisors perform their tasks more effectively, she has developed a program called Your Field Supervisor: Your Most Important Communicator. And to help managers manage more skillfully, she has developed a two-day training program called Effective Management Skills: Six Goes Into One. In addition, she has created and conducted franchise operations manual seminars for the ICFE, the International Certification of Franchise Executives; for franchisors; and for clients in various countries such as Malaysia, Chile, and England. She has been a speaker at many franchise companies' conventions.

Harriet received her BA in English from Chatham College, an MA from the University of Pittsburgh, and her Ph.D. from Carnegie-Mellon University. She has been an Adjunct Professor at the University of Pittsburgh, teaching written professional communications.