The Review, Evaluation, and Improvement of Existing Programs. We can update and modify your agreement and disclosure, improve manuals and systems, enhance your franchise package, advise on current thinking regarding franchise practice and methods, revitalize your marketing and sales program, and improve your communication and motivation techniques and materials. From our over 30 years of experience we can offer strategic planning, infrastructure design, and problem solving advice. We also offer expert witness testimony and litigation support.

Training Programs Designed to Create Better Relations Between Franchisors and Franchisees. We have created professional training programs for your organization and for your franchisees. We conduct these programs in-house or at regional meetings and conventions.

The Revitalization of Franchise Sales and Marketing Program. Through our Franchise Sales and Marketing Assessment, we can revitalize your existing program through the following ways:
  • Find new marketing directions and strategies for recruiting franchisees.
  • Create sales plans and manuals and train your staff.
  • Develop the copy, layout, and design of your franchise brochure and recruitment ads structured to the profile of your buyer.
  • Provide you with Franchise Developments, Inc.'s proven psychological test that will help you evaluate a prospective franchisee.
  • Establish screening methods, procedures, and formats for recruiting, interviewing, testing, qualifying, and selecting prospective franchisees.
While all these services are critical for your company's success, probably your most important benefit is our professionals who know how to organize, run, and manage a franchise, who know the methods and techniques of franchising, who can formulate franchise policies and procedures, and who can help you administer your franchise system.