In order to be successful in franchising, you should have an extensive and sophisticated support package, an excellent operations manual and training program, appropriate legal structure, tight controls, procedures and reporting system, an organized advertising program, correct recruitment and selection of franchisees, suitable fees and royalties, and effective ongoing help and assistance. All of these require professional skills and techniques that we will provide through our services.

Evaluation Services Include the Following:

The Franchise Assessment. Franchise Developments, Inc. meets with you to determine if your concept and business is franchiseable, to provide you with more information about franchising — its advantages and disadvantages as compared with other marketing alternatives — and to outline the steps involved in developing your franchise program. If start-up capital is required, we can create a feasibility study or franchise development plan and then help clients make important presentations to prospective investors. When board members or partners need supplementary information, we will respond to their inquiries in person, about any and all facets of franchising.

The Franchise Feasibility Study. We first evaluate your concept, your mission, and your goals. Then we analyze your present business: your financials, investments required for a new start-up, operations, systems and controls, legal aspects, marketing and advertising approaches, and organizational structure. From our evaluation and analysis, you will receive a comprehensive written report summarizing our findings, our recommendations and a financial projection.


The Franchise Development Plan. From our review and analysis of your business, we identify the operational, contractual, legal, financial and marketing needs of your franchise program. We help determine the changes and modifications that your existing system may require for adaptation to a franchise operation. And we also define the general policies and appropriate strategies under which your franchise should be operated. The end result is a comprehensive plan that will uncover all the possible franchise issues as they relate to your business.

If your business is franchiseable, Franchise Developments, Inc. offers a wide range of services in its franchise development program. You may use all of the services provided in the package or individual ones.

Operational Services Include the Following:

Franchise Support Programs and Services. We analyze the operating characteristics of your business to recommend the support package of services that your franchisee needs to be successful. From this analysis, we provide reports and documents on a variety of subjects such as guidelines for territory development, techniques for lease negotiation, procedures for pre-opening, programs for group purchasing, and sources of franchisor income.


Franchise Forms, Systems, Controls, and Procedures. We evaluate your forms, systems, controls, and procedures to ensure they will help you monitor the business and are appropriate for a franchise operation.

Operations Manual. We develop an operations manual that includes detailed instructions on all the daily operations of your business to ensure standardization and uniformity. This manual becomes the framework for a systematic approach to training.

Training Outline and Programs. Through Franchise Developments, Inc.'s Training Systems, we specify your training needs, create an outline, write objectives and lesson plans, select the training methods, media and techniques, prepare documents, format the materials, train the instructor and test the results.


Management/Staff Training Programs. We train your management and staff in supervisory skills so that they will be able to maintain standards; continually guide, assist, and upgrade the level of the franchisee and his or her employees; and detect and resolve problems.

Other Standard Training Programs. We also offer approximately 25 skills-based training programs designed to help you and your staff as well as your franchisees and their staff perform more effectively.

Financial Services Include the Following:

Franchise Fees, Royalties, and Advertising Assessment. We determine these charges based on the services you offer, the extent and costs of the services, the size of the territory offered, the ability to pay, and many more criteria.

Franchisee's Financial Plan. We first estimate the number of franchises that can be sold. Then we create financial and cash flow projections based on franchise sales income, likely expenses, and personnel costs.

Sources of Financing. We assist you in arranging for financing; if necessary, locate qualified investors; and make financial presentations to these sources.


Legal Services Include the Following:

Franchise Agreement. We develop a Franchise Agreement, which is both a legal and operating document outlining clearly the basis of understanding and the responsibilities of both you and your franchisee.

Disclosure Statement. We prepare your Disclosure Document using either the Federal Trade Commissions regulation format required by the federal government, or the Uniform Franchise Offering Circular format required in certain specific states. This document must be submitted to each prospective franchisee.

Franchise Registration. We prepare the necessary documentation for filing and registering your Franchise Agreement and Disclosure Document. We then submit these legal documents to the state regulatory authorities.

Marketing Services Include the Following:

Franchise Sales and Marketing Program. We create your franchise sales and marketing program based on a profile of the buyer, targeted market, budget and media analysis. From this information we select the appropriate media and develop sales materials, ads, brochures, publicity programs, forms and procedures for ad responses, phone and mail follow-up, sales methods and presentations.

Franchise Brochure and Recruitment Ads. We develop the copy, layout and design of your franchise brochure and recruitment ads structured to the profile of your buyer. These materials will develop excitement and interest in your program and help motivate the prospect to purchase your franchise. We submit the brochure and ads to various states for their approval, prior to use.

Recruitment, Qualifications and Selection of Franchisees. We establish screening methods, procedures, and formats for interviewing and testing. Particularly useful is our psychological and attitudinal test that helps you evaluate a prospective franchisee.